Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the Season

To Be Busy
I worked out with 6 folks yesterday. Some were trying kettlebells for the 1st time and others have been training for a while.
I've been running a couple of times a week alternating short fast (5k) with increased long, slower runs. 5k has been around the 24 min mark but I haven't gone all out. Long runs, I've made it up to about 7 miles with no problem as long as I stay over 9 minute pace.
Mostly clean and press kettlebell workouts with a lot of swings and snatches. Emily C and I hit 60 sets of V02 Thursday but I stopped before a blister tore. I've had some awesome training sessions over the last few weeks. Jamie, Eddie,Vince, Emily C, Denise, Lydia, Jeff, Carlton, Tricia, Ray, thanks for the opportunity.
Last Saturday we had a class that just went over different kinds of workouts so we did the first round of about 6 different workouts.
Clean and Press Ladders
Swing and Squat
3 different complex routines
V02 Snatches
My focus for the now and the new year will be making myself better. Napoleon Hill said "what you are 5 years from now is primarily a result of who you associate with and the books you read" Garbage in Garbage out?

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