Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm an Alien!

So I was out in the boonies last night after going to an Advocare meeting with some friends to help people get healthy and I was starving after not eating most of the day. I finally came up on the Hardees at the Atmore/Hwy 21 intersection. I was afraid nothing else was open and figured I could get a roast beef and unsweet tea and not be too bad. Let me preface to say I have not been in a Hardees in probably 10 years.
As I stood in line studying the menu trying to find a roast beef with no added gooey cheese sauce or bacon or ranch or hamburger patty and listening to the guy in front of me tell his wife to "go for the large fries" I looked around and realized I was the only relatively healthy looking person in the place. Now I'm not talking about a big people. I'm talking people that looked completely miserable and disgusting. The scary part is that they were all looking at me like there was something wrong with me. Everyone was limping or waddling around, even the people that worked there. I'm kind of a food nazi so I'm thinking 'how can anyone just casually order this stuff, in extra large quantities and be so comfortable with it?' I'm thinking, fast food in a pinch, the exception not the norm, etc. These folks obviously make it the norm. Don't they have a stove? Can't you just go for the grilled chicken instead of the triple cheese thick burger with fries and soda? (that's what I got (grilled chicken), although it was cleverly disguised under cheese and bacon in the low carb section of the menu. The unsweet tea had been there so long it was spoiled, I wonder why?).
Have you ever seen the movie 'Wally'? Where they go to a space community where everyone is so out of shape that they ride little scooters and suck on supersize sodas and eat supersize fries and push buttons for exercise? It's not the future. It's Hardees!

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Jennifer said...

Wake up, brother. It may be more concentrated at Hardee's, but it's becoming that way everywhere. Didn't you see it at Mouseville a couple weeks ago (how'd that go BTW?)? It's absolutely frightening. But I guess I should clean my own house before I start criticizing others'. At least I've gotten the hubby to be more active and cut out the soda.