Friday, January 29, 2010

Keeping it Simple

Been really busy lately. All I can say is busy means less snacking
and more focus on workouts. I always get more efficient when I'm busy and working out is no exception. If you only have 30 minutes to work out, you better make the most of it.
Since we started doing the 1000 swing challenge(Em did this in 32 min with a 30lb kb) the article was published with the study showing 15 second interval kettlebell snatches could burn 20 calories a minute or 800 calories in 40 minutes. There is speculation that the swing equals the snatch in exertion. I personally like both so I alternate days. Heavy snatches/light swings/light snatches/heavy swings.
I hit the scale at 199 last week then traveled for about 8 days and weighed 188 on the same scale. settling back in at about 190.
SI joint is giving me trouble so, rather than keep making it worse, I've not run in about 3 weeks. I think the impact and the long distance was the cause. Hopefully back by McGuires 5k.
I'm working on leaning out a little for spring. Anyone care to join me?

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Jennifer said...

you so f'n suck. it'd take me forever to lose that much weight.;)